This is a new website for me. Hope I will be able to share good things for everyone. Thanking God for this opportunity.

 I spent time thinking about how wonderful this world is. There are facilities around us we can use and enjoy. But a harsh reality crept into my mind. Not all are eligible for the enjoyment of this world. many people lose out. That is a sad reality. As someone said rightly, reality bites. May be a dog's bite is better🤨.

It is hard to believe how people can be cruel to people. Our thoughts and prayers are with people in #Nigeria. May peace prevail in that country.

Most of us worry when things go wrong. It is natural. Most of us don't believe in miracles and that's natural too. A person on his or her knees when things go wrong is not natural but supernatural:) I always believe that trials in life are there for some purpose. You  and i I agree that they are frustrating.😥 God bless you

I often wonder what's happening in this world. Humans against humans, nations against nations. Have come to the end of a decent human civilisation? 

We sit and ask questions but we don't meet anyone who can answer our questions.

Yes, life challenges are there for us to face not to shun.