Yes, there was a time when people were treated with due respect. Today you have to look for the word 'respect' in an antique shop. It may remain there as an unsellable product. Has religion become an unsellable commodity in an antique shop as well?

During Christmas and Easter, people get excited and go overboard celebrating these festivals. Oher religious groups do the same for their festivals. Why do people get excited at festival times? What is the hidden agenda of this excitement? Most of the concepts attached to festivals are man-made. For example, the Christmas date has a pagan origin. Many stories we read in connection with festivals have parralels in other societies as well.

We can ascertain that Christ's death on the cross paved the way for many changes in societies around the world. Even today, people get actively involved with missionary zeal working for Jesus. Of course, I am for one, within my health limitatons. What is it that pushes people of different faiths to get involved in religious activities? Mainly it is devotion and commitment. Then there is the hidden agenda of making sure that their faith won't end up in an antique shop!

We live in a world where God's presence is not experienced by the down to earth human. In the bye-gone years, God was a magical being, appearing and disappearing before people. Even Jesus acted as a magical being for forty days after His resurrection. Today's man is looking for something more than mere magic.

Christ's presence was experienced by many people after His resurrection. Today, I am not sitting quietly to experience Christ's presence with me. On the other hand, you and I have a duty of care to make our presence felt by others who are in needs and wants. Let us not wait for mere magic. The essence of real magic is a touch of our heart on other individuals in situations of needs with due respect. That will bring a better tomorrow.


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