How does a computer term 'update' come into a religious discussion? Once when I opened my computer, there was a message, 'Installing update 23342 of the 23342 updates'! Honestly it was a shock for me to read it. More than 20000 updates on my computer while I was sleeping:) Who knows what else is happening on my computer while I am sleeping, for that matter on yours as well!

I am not an expert in computer matters, so I don't know what these 'updates' really mean. May be they are saying, we have uploaded the latest innovations on your computer. Correct me if I am wrong. Does God upload the latest innovations on our spiritual system? Or would God say to us, "Stick with what you read in Genesis 1 to 5"? In an ever changing world, updating is necessary for both the universe and for our psyche. God is constantly doing this.

About 50 years ago, a ten year old child looked at the night sky and marvelled at the stars and the moon. Today a ten year old child looks through his telescope and marvels at the rings of other planets. Yes, the human brains are constantly being updated. The updates on the computers have a source. They don't come from nowhere. We often claim the ownership to many discoveries and innovations. We fail to discern the mysterious hands of God working in our brains fullfilling His updates for the world.

Today we live in a sad world. Many things that are happening around us are beyond our control. Many people don't watch TV these days because they cannot stand the sadness in this world. Is closing our eyes and folding our hands against the world a good attitude? As a child when we enter this world, we come here as responsible citizens. We have a three way responsibility, one to God, one to ourselves and one to others. The fullness of life comes when we keep a balance of these responsibilities.

You have a greatness lurking in you. That greatness is your tool, your strength to change this world. When we submit ourselves to God to establish His updates in us, our greatness will shine. Modernity belongs to God, not to us. Let the Designer decide the style and fashion for us and for the planet. The ultimate 'update' is yet to come.

With prayers                         karimpinkala🙂