The word dichotomy means two opposing views or contradictory ideas in the same concept. Is there a dichotomy in Christian religion? Recent events specialy those that happend in November 2015 in Paris made me and many around the world to think twice about their own beliefs. Hence this pamphlet. Honestly speaking, I had decided to put my pen down from public ministry and consider myself a fully retired person. I had mentioned tnis to my siblings too. They blessed me for a good retired life. Unfortunately the Hound of Heven never stops chasing me.

Middle Eastern religions believe in the concept of God. The basic concept in Judaism, Islam and Christianity is in the belie fin a livingGod. In recent times, we have started hearing the words, ISIL, ISIS, or more recently, IS. Only the other day, I recognised that they all are the same. Honestly speaking, I do not know much about these people.  I suppose it is the same case with you, the reader. One thing you and I know and that is their activities are motivated by religion.  They also believe ina god. Christians alsobelieveina God. All religions onearth have anobject of worship. There is no questin about that. If people had gone about minding their own business about their own objects of worship, there wouldn't have been any bloodshed on earth in the name of religion. Unfortunately, that is not the case from time immemorial.

In the Old testament, we come across a God who tells leaders to go out and destroy societies including children. Bloodshed is part of Old testament which Christians do not hesitate to read in churches. Middle Eastern religions propagate humanitarian ideals and for that reason we respect these religions. This is where the dichotomy concept comes. On the one side we see harshness with bloodshed and on the other side we see a call to extend your hospitality and charity to the needy. So which one will you adhere to, the ruthless side or the humanitarian side? 

 Worshipping a God and holding on to an ideology are two different thngs. I can go and kill many people and ask God to forgive me. I can kill a man to have sex with his wife beacuse I know at the end, the child I produced will bring forth a blessed race. This is what I mean by the 'dichotomy of Christianity'. I think the time has come to reconsider our beliefs and throw away certain things we adhere to. There is an inherent notion in all religions that the articles of religious faiths should never be challenged. Is this right? If this is right for certain people, why it is so?

Religions flourish because of the fear factor. Religions flourish because of the supremacy factor. The problem is when we say, 'my God is spreme, so what I believe is the ultimate truth'. In our foolishness we say many things about God and create our own images about God. In a nutshell, our lives are controlled by the images we have created about God. Of course imagination is a good thng for the mind but if our imaginations are creating a negative situation in the wider world, then we need to question our imaginations. If supremacy is the crux of our religious belief, then we need to question and challenge that. Supremacy kills, humility loves and serves. Jesus defied the former and adhered to the latter. Let our prayer be, God help me to love and serve others and not to rule others. 

Praying for a safer world.     With good wishes