First, it was the Pokemon, now it is masked people popping up everywhere.Don't we all love to do little bit clowning around? In certain circumstances, the law does not appreciate this. We love masked people, especially some children, some are scared of masked people. The question is, do we wear a mask?

The idea behind wearing a mask is performance. No harm, calling it a make-up. A make-up or a mask can transform a thirty-year-old person look lie a seventy-year-old! When it comes to performance, we sacrifice the natural in us to a made-up character. While we move around in outside world, we do this all the time, sadly. 

What is wrong with the natural or are we happier to live in a fictional world that we produced? There we make ourselves producers and directors of our own lives. It is not wrong to say that society expects us to lead a fictional life. The way we talk, dress, the way we sit, the list can go on. We forget one thing and that is, we sacrifice the natural in us to please a world which does not know where it is going:(

Are we afraid of the  natural in us? Why do we forget that we have a beautiful body, that we are the owners of a beautiful mind, moreover that we possess a spirit which is free and powerful? Our life is not a joke, what we have is precious. It is not something to be hidden from the rest of the world. Once we wear less mask and start presenting to the world more of our originals, our life will start changing. 

The little ones we come across in life, the babies, don't wear any mask and they possess the purest happiness. Yes, we need to be like little children if we want to enjoy life. This is why we celebrate our birthdays. Our hearts yearn to go back to those innocent days. The festivals we celebrate, irrespective of religions, are reminders that there is innocence in our hearts and it needs celebrating. Let us say good-bye to the masks we wear and start admiring our innocence.