What do you say these days, 'Happy Christmas' or 'Happy holidays'? Whichever way you look at it, one thing is certain, people are looking forward to be happy. Is it better to say, people are digging looking for happiness? 

The good thing about Christmas is, once a year we sacrifice our time, money and strength for others by giving gifts, having feasts and preparing for outings. 'Sacrifice' is an interesting word. Not many people use that word these days. Sacrifice was part of society in the past. These days we don't adopt that path to please a God. 

The significance of Christmas is that we are celebrating the birth of a child who will be a sacrificial lamb in thirty-three years' time. The meaning of sacrifice is that I am becoming nothing for the sake of you. In real sacrifice,  we lose things, individuals, animals or birds. There is sadness in a loss but when we empty ourselves as a sacrifice, we gain spiritual strength. 

Around the world, people are experiencing losses. There is an economic shake-up coming our way. In the midst of uncertainty, people are looking for success, happiness and strength. They may not be everyone's cup of tea. If Jesus prepared himself for an ultimate sacrifice, let us also train ourselves for tough times ahead. After all, what we hold in our mind is our strength. 

Wishing whatever you are hoping for.