Most people around the world show some interest in reading stories, watching dramas or serials on TV or occasionally go for a movie. We forget ourselves while we are in it. We yell at the TV, cry, laugh, do all sorts of things.Never for a moment, we stop to think that there is a scriptwriter behind all that we watch. 

I have often wondered whether there is a scriptwriter behind my life and your life. Of course, it is the age old question, is there someone holding the reins of our life or is it all up to the fate to decide what happens to us? At times when I am not busy, I sit and think about my own life and ask who is in control?

Who is a scriptwriter and what does he or she do? An earthly scriptwriter sits and writes stories to make money. He sharpens not only his pencil but also his mind as well. Whatever he writes is from his imagination. Of course, imagination can go wild. 

Is God a scriptwriter? Is your life story a finished product or is it still in the process of being edited? It will be a harsh stance if we consider God as the sole writer of our story. Interestingly, we too are in God's editorial board. In other words, we have a say in what happens to us.

Not all life events are within our control. Certain bad things are inevitable in our life. Often when things go wrong in my life, I say to myself, "The scriptwriter knows how to end the story".