Religious scriptures are filled with events, episodes and happenings. One reason why we give importance to religious books is partially due to the dramatic nature of the books. Religions originated 5000 years ago or 2000 years ago have all survived till today because of their ability to capture the core of our hearts which yearns for something extraordinary.

Christians all over the world get busy with Easter preparations. Does this mean that every individual is aware of the significance of the event? I met a Brazilian woman the other day. I mentioned Easter to her but she admitted she never heard about it! In a world where supermarkets start selling hot cross buns before Christmas decorations are removed, what does easter mean to ha human?

The interesting situation about humans is, we are quite happy to accept a belief that there are aliens out there frolicking in outer space. Also one day they may come either to attack us or to take us. But when it comes to Easter and resurrection, we have reservations. It does not stop there. We are happy to spend millions to create a telescope or venture out into outer space to know what is out there.

What am I trying to say? Am I saying that Jesus literally rose from the dead and now He is living on one of the distant planets? Far from it. I have personal reservations when it comes to Christian theology and beliefs. For me, a resurrected physical presence of Jesus with me is not important. But I will fall into pieces if I don't accept the christ of faith in my personal life because that's where my strength lies. 

Events in the Bible or in any other scriptures are not there to dominate us. The actuality of the events whichever they are should not baffle us. It should not lead us into arguments or schisms. The events should remain a source of strength in our faith life. Let us not challenge the events. Let them challenge us.

with prayers                    karimpinkala