The other day, I saw a young Aboriginal(Australian) girl at a train station in tears. She was wearing pants with lots of holes in it. My usual tendency is to go go to such people and talk to them. In this case, sadly, I didn't do that. Sitting in a connecting bus, my mind was compelling me to go back to her. I didn't.

Does the above incident make me a microcosm of the society in which I live? Today, the world is reeling under lots of pressures. Each and every one of us is running after something or other. The truth is life's pressures make us limited beings. there is a part of us which compels us to open up ourselves to others but on the other side, we become numb and incapable of doing what our inner hearts ask us to do.  

I had too many questions about that young girl. Why was she in tears? Did someone hurt her? Was she starving? Was she going through a woman's natural pain? Yes, all these questions saw the light of the day in my mind.The holes in her pants did not bother me at all. Many girls do it in a fashion. A means of fresh air to legs!

While I was asking all these questions about a young girl, the Australian society in which I live, was busy discussing Same-Sex Marriage Survey. A postal survey in Australia showed more than 61% Australians want to see same-sex couples get a chance to marry. Did I pray to God to send fire-balls from heaven? No, I did not. God is a bit short of fire-balls these days! What I have is an attitude of sympathy and concern to those 61% people. The government would only support them because there is much gain in doing so. 

Today, am I living in an out of control world? We tend to think that politicians are gods capable of blessing us and we run after them. Sadly they have limitations. Finally, I thought of a good solution. Why not deny God? The sad truth struck me then and there. God too has limitations.

We look around and want to see a glorified God in creation. We close our eyes to see the limitations of God in creation. The girl with holes in pants, the same-sex marriage survey victory in Australia, my unanswered prayers, all represent God's limitations in creation. Man's life is incomplete without struggles. Life is incomplete without tears.


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