An Easter Message


On this #goodFriday, #Eastereve, my thoughts are taken back to my college days 50 years ago. One of my Theology classmates had to face the Ordination committee panel and this fellow had the odacity to ask the highest authority of his church, 'What is a sin?' Of course no need to say, he was sent packing!

Interestingly, the college we studied together, #TheunitedtheologicalCollegeBangalore, trains us to be bold, questioning, and challenging individuals. the college did not expect us to adhere to a particular philosophy. It presented to us the different philosophies and expected us to formulate a philosophy based on Christian principles.

My friend went to managing a Christian bookshop and I went into managing souls. My troubles were only just beginning. People had difficulty to understand and accept my way of thinking and my lifestyle. Just to mention one instance, my friends were bold to organise a Holy Communion with #tody and #tapioca instead of bread and wine! On my part, I was holding a Christian service with Hindu practices like #arti and #pushpanjali(flower offerings). 

My story was a bit dangerous than toddy and tapioca. while my friends were experimenting with new elements for Holy Communion, I was experimenting with wildfire. I fell in love with a young woman from a different religious background, someone who was not the apple of the eye of the general population.The affair did not last very long. Crucifixion was not the order of the day, otherwise, that would have happened to me. But there attempts of assassination:(

At this late age, I still think about that incident that happened about 45 years ago. My Bishop and the church expected me to fall at the Bishop's feet and confess, Holy Father, I have committed a sin against you, against the church and against God. I did not do that. Why? My heart was looking at the totality of the individual, her family background and the worst things that happened in her life. It was not a lustful relationship, which she very well knew and confessed. Of course, she had the expectation that I would act as a redeemer in her life.

For my actions in my life, I wouldn't blame anyone, a theological college or my nurture or my family. There are things in life that are bound to happen. Would I say that I was committing a sin by falling in love with a woman who did not have much reputation in the society? No, I would not go to that extent. In the Old Testament, God gave us the Ten Commandments. They help us to create parameters in our ethical thinking. In a scientific world, God never defined sin. Sin is not a definable word. At the end of the day, we all are sinful beings.

Jesus was not a student of United Theological college. The fact of the matter was that the spirit of God stirred Jesus to act in such a way He would hurt and disturb the general population and in turn receive their hatred. This is the true religion. True religion does not stand to pacify people and receive their blessings. True religion exists to stir people, challenge notions and present an in-depth understanding of individuals. True religion easily picks up people in dire situations and needs.

The cross always remains a challenge for us. It poses many questions without much answers.Cross is not the end of history. Cross is part of a 'line of history'(#heinsgleschite). That history is limitless.

GOD BLESS                          Karimpinkala