The Young Indian Woman


I was recently in Bangalore India. In a different country, you need their currency. Coming out of an exchange outlet, I saw this young Indian woman with a baby sucking her breasts. Her very look deep into my eyes told me a thousand stories about her. Of course, she was expecting some money.My thoughts went straight to Mary, mother of Lord Jesus. 

In the early years of Lord Jesus' life, both Joseph and Mary went through lots of hardships. The very flight in the desert from Herod was only a portion of the hardships the parents had to go through. In other words, Lord Jesus grew up in the midst of rough terrains. The very ministry of Lord Jesus never gave Him a soft silky bed. We remember every bit of Lord Jesus' life in our different observations and celebrations.

So, what am I saying? People have a tendency to scorn religion and everything connected to it. I don't blame anyone for this attitude. true religion is like a boat in an ocean with a tempest raging around it. Lord Jesus went through all that rage till the end of His life. 

The good thing about Lord Jesus' life was that He developed a philosophy which fits a good ethical mind. The philosophy of Lord Jesus is useless if our minds don't have the settings to accept it. Of course, to understand Christian philosophy, we need a special mindset. 

Coming back to my young Indian woman, I ask myself different questions. Why she is in that plight if there are Christian churches and temples with accumulated wealth in the billions, maybe in the trillions? I ask what is the mindset of the ones who run the churches and temples? I ask, who influenced the morality of the ones who created such a situation in her life? 

My young Indian woman is not an exception. She is only a representation of the myriads of young women around the world who are in such plight.The flight of Mary, mother of Lord Jesus with a young child was the result of a  cruel King. The plight of my young Indian woman is the result of a heartless society. Standing out of the heartless society is a challenge.Our positive actions may not bring immediate results.But our contributions are precious for the ones in need.

GOD BLESS.               🙂                   Karimpinkala               ❤