Recently, in one of the Social media posts, I wrote, which is easier, praying to God or talking to God. Realistically speaking, many people think they are one and the same thing. Are they? This document is not conclusive. If science proves in two years time, there is no God, this doc. will only deserve a place in the bin.

Seriously talking, we need to distinguish between prayer and talk. What is prayer and what is talk? Within the limitations of space and time on this page and my life, I will try to expand the topic. My intention is not to convert prayer addicts to talkers or vice-versa. 

Religions have different forms of praying to God. In Christianity, prayer is a structured process. It has three parts, thanksgiving, penitence and finally, supplication. What do I mean by this? In the first part, we think of God as a powerful provider and we thank him for all that we received in life so far. In the second part, we consider God dead against sinful deeds and we ask God's forgiveness for our misbehaviours. In the third part, we pour out before God our needs and wants and sit in the hope God will provide us with these things. 

Talking to God is entirely a different ball-game.  I can only ask you to visualise what happens when you and your best friend meet. It's a casual meeting but it is rich with sweet memories. There is entirely a different body language when two friends meet and talk. There is a different hormonal process when two friends meet to talk. This friend of yours could be your old classmate, could be a work colleague, could be someone you met at a job interview. When friends meet, there is lots of passion, love, giving and receiving, there is everything. If they happen to be lovers, I leave everything to your imagination to think what would happen. Two friends don't meet for a structured conversation like I explained in the prayer subject

Prayer is a submissive process. To begin with, we have to believe that there is a superior being who is willing to provide us with everything we ask. In the real world, this does not happen. In prayer, our self-worth is always challenged. When we give credit to another being, we lose our credibility. Success or failure of prayer is dependent on our psychological, physical, mental health. unfortunately, not all in this world are blessed with sound psychological, mental and physical health. To such people, prayer is not a relevant subject. Prayer is not an interactive process. 

Do I prefer talking to God more than praying to God? If I am talking to God, I can think of Him as a friend, share all my feelings, anger, frustrations, disappointments. I don't need to think or worry about a structure as in prayer. I am aware that a  conversation with God is not mutual. I am aware that there is no tangible object out there to arouse my feelings as in meeting a friend. But I do get the satisfaction that I talked out my inner feelings to God. A submissive conversation which prayer is will only reinforce our slavery to God. God never wants to see us as His slaves. He would like to see us as His heavenly partners, heavenly company directors, heavenly decision makers. That's what would happen when we talk to God. 

Now, you are the judge, which is better and easier, praying to God or talking to God? I do admit, no one can completely remove prayer life from their lives. Prayer in its own form has a role to play in our lives. Different religions adopt different methods to pray. They all have their validity. The purpose of this document was an attempt to expand our overall understanding of the topic of prayer. If I failed, please let me know. God in heaven could be interested as well:) 

With prayers and 'talks'!