I did not know that life changes every day! What we aspire today may not be our dream tomorrow. Sounds funny, but that is true. Often we put the blame on fate but fate may have a different dream to ours. We will never come across fate's dreams.

These days people talk about things we don't really understand. Often the topics are beyond our imagination. People talk about love, compassion, sexuality, homosexuality, psychology, transgender issues, the long list goes forever and ever. The other day I saw a discussion in an Indian Newspaper about an actor who had some issues with fellow actors. The discussions went on and on. I could not get the head or tail of that discussion. So I wrote a comment, 'what are they talking about?' It is a bit like, after reading the four gospels in the Bible, asking, who is Jesus:)

Perhaps, you the reader, may ask the same question to me, what are you talking about? It's midnight here where I live. They might ask, why can't you sit and read Bram Stoker's 'Horror of Dracula' at this time rather than publishing a note on your website! This is life. as the world progresses, we will confront many things meaningless to us but with lots of meaning to some others. It is a matter of catering our lives for others.

Enjoy the reading. Good wishes. Until next time, I crack your brain, God bless.