Originally, I intended to give the heading, 'Throw the baby, Throw the Water'. Then I had second thoughts. To safeguard the babies, I changed the heading. In today's world, anything can happen if one is not careful. such is the mess the world is in today. 

I know there are people who don't listen to the news or watch the TV. Such people might ask what is the mess you are talking about. I won't ask them what you had for breakfast? Because they prefer minding their own business. Definitely, there are people who think about themselves as well as about the rest of the world. 

Most of us are grappling with an issue, what is actually happening to this world. Memorial Services, vigils, flowers, candles, tears, are becoming the order of the day worldwide. Images of ruthless actions by individuals not only shock us but also challenge our hard-core beliefs. When I say belief, it includes belief in humanity, belief in God, belief in us. 

Coming back to my heading, The Bathwater, you know the saying, 'Don't throw the baby with the bathwater'. Sadly in today's world, there are parents who wouldn't hesitate to throw their babies with the bathwater.   Does this mean we will throw out everything including our belief system? Easier said than done.  Honestly speaking, in my struggles with faith, I had wished to throw away the idea of God.  Can I do that? Unfortunately(!), I can't. 

We, humans, are mysterious beings. We are born with certain special qualities and special embedded systems. One of them is our spirituality. Extreme orthodox beliefs of any religion do not form part of any spirituality. True spirituality takes care of our inner being. It gives value to the love within us. True spirituality gives value to the One above us, not forgetting, the ideas we formulate about that One is subject to change all the time. In true spirituality, there is no place for relationships(a challengeable statement). 

If our idea of a God is in conflict with true spirituality, then that idea needs to be thrown out. You know very well, Jesus was a very bold person to throw away the Old Testament idea of God. Yes, we need a new spirituality if we want to live in peace in this world. That new spirituality should not be destructive. It should be constructive, it should be innovative. It is possible for us to bring about a new spirituality and feel proud of it. Why not we be the spade workers of a new spirituality?

GOD BLESS.                                      Karimpinkala