When I was growing up( about two years ago? ), there was a question we siblings asked each other, "Will Jesus come back?", much to the annoyance of our loving mother. She being a staunch believer was not a supporter of this question. Today, I ask, "Will the world end?" The word 'world' is a tricky one. It can mean different things to different people.

Religions around the world had their own interpretations about the word, 'world'. Interestingly, 2000 years ago, Jesus did not understand the word 'world' as we understand it now. ( I am referring to the human side of Jesus ). As science progressed and our knowledge increased, we possess a different idea about the word 'world', much different to our forefathers' understanding of the word 'world'. To receive an answer to the question, will the world end, we need an in-depth analysis of the word 'world'. 

Past few decades brought before us a few challenges in the way, we understand the word 'world'. This has helped us to discern the multiplicity of the word 'world'.  So if I say, my world came tumbling down, it has a personal bias. On the other hand, if I say, 'humans are intelligent beings', I have a wider world view. When I get out at night and look at the night sky, I will say, this is an amazing world. This is a cosmological view of the word 'world'. Now let me come back to my room and watch the space probes on the internet and see what is actually out there. It is a world beyond my perception. 

Recently I read a joke. God created women because He cannot be present everywhere at the same time. Our belief systems are very limited. The age-old analogy of a 'frog in the well', holds good in this discussion as well. The good news is that we are capable of expanding our understandings and our knowledge. There is no magic in this. Once we free our minds from the entangled beliefs, our inner soul will witness the vast expanse of possibilities and realities. By doing so we will start to challenge our faith. we will start seeing God or understanding God from a different perspective. These are possibilities we humans have, these are not myths. 

True spirituality involves decluttering. We keep holding on to beliefs and material things for a long time. Decluttering brings space in our inner soul to embrace new realities. Anything new is exciting and gives us new hopes and dreams. New hopes and dreams are the essences of life. Let the word 'world' be not a limited word. Let that word attract the beauty and truth about this universe and encompass the whole universe. Have I answered the question, will the world end? Now it is your turn to ask me, "Which world are you talking about?" The world is never subject to destruction. It is only subject to expansion🙂. 

GOD BLESS          WITH PRAYERS            Karimpinkala