A few years ago I saw a young girl in tears. I asked her friend what happened. She replied the young girl is having period pain. Straightaway, I gave her my 'In Sickness' prayer card and also told her I could not give it every month. Her smile made my day.

I am not an authority to write about a woman's period. It is a woman's affair. But from a religious point, I can ask questions and lead discussions about the subject. It is a sad fact that in some parts of the world women are treated adversely when they go through their menstrual cycle. Often they are treated as second class citizens. Even in countries where they plan interplanetary travels, a woman goes through harsh experiences from family and community during her periods. This is ridiculous. 

Does God treat a woman having her periods a second class citizen? I doubt very much. In the Bible, Luke 12:7, it is written, even your hairs in the head are numbered. I don't understand why the pubic hair was left out! God knows and understands all parts of the human body and their functions, male or female. In other words, the menstrual flow and pain are within the parameters of God's wisdom. By the same token, God understands a man's dilemmas as well. 

Now the question remains, why God created man and woman in a complicated manner? If you and I delve into the mysteries of this universe, the whole structure is complicated. Scientists are no authorities to explain everything. God's mysteries can mutate just like a flu virus can mutate! So let us not ask God any questions about woman's periods:(  

One good thing is that the world has progressed and advanced in all walks of life including a woman's period(technically). Today, a woman can jump around, even go for the Olympics while having her periods, thanks to #DrEarleHaas for patenting the tube-like tampons in 1931. Compared to 100 years ago, we might have progressed on the subject but sadly the progress has not reached every nook and corner of this earth.  Eduction and an open mind are vital on this subject. May I conclude by saying, my sisters, wish you the best and my sincere prayers. 

WITH PRAYERS AND GOOD WISHES                              Karimpinkala