Christmas celebrations are on a full swing around the world. The holiday silly season has started. people gather to eat, drink and be merry. Christmas is an international event. So wherever you go there is something Chrisy in that place.

Still, I am asking one question to myself, what is Christmas? Is it grandma's beautiful cake? Is it a lavish lunch in the backyard? Is it giving and receiving gifts? Perhaps they all form part of Christmas. Yes, of course, Christmas is remembering the birth of Christ. So, happy birthday, Jesus! 

The world in which we live is not different from Jesus' time. Jesus was born into a chaotic world and he found a meaning to life. We too are capable of finding a meaning to life through our chaotic experiences. Admiring what we have enables us to find a meaning to life. Birds can sing, insects can chirp. A bird-song in the morning is their own admiration of their life. We humans can think and take decisions. We are capable of making this world a better place. A better world depends on people with better inner qualities. 

An excuse we all have for a quality life is that 'I was born with limited blessings'. Not all are born in silk bed. A silk bed is not the criteria for our life's success. Jesus was born in a stable where animals were kept.   In fact, the first breath Jesus took could have contained the smell of cow-dung. We don't stop to think that baby Jesus was at one stage only one centimetre long in his mother's womb with a heartbeat for you and for me. Yes, Jesus' heart still beats in the heavenly realm for you and for me. It never stops.  

Christians celebrate Christmas as a festival. We, humans, need festivals why because they add to the zest for life. Festivals help us to look forward to in life. Jesus also enjoyed festivals in his lifetime. Today we celebrate Christmas with lots of uncertainties. Today we know for certain that our prayers may not be answered. Today we know that our Christmas stockings with wishes can be thrown out by God into the rubbish bin. After all, that's what happened in the Garden of Gethsemane too. 

The joy of Christmas is not dependent on answers to our prayers. The happiness of Christmas is dependent on how much we can move on in life in spite of. We are the custodians of a special inner strength, we are the custodians of a special inner light. This strength and this light need to be radiated to the rest of the world around us. We can do it, yes, we can.