Of course there only one question the whole world is asking today, "Where is God?" Yes when the whole world is under the threat of a minute being, we do seek the help of a supreme being. and the help is not to be found. At all levels of life, we panic. In other words, panic has become the order of the day. 

Today, we live in an interesting world. NewYork, once a city that never sleeps has plenty of time to sleep. The images on TV about other cities are not different. Once we moved around our cities freely. Today we are controlled by the police. Once we walked in the isles of the supermarkets in a relaxed manner. Today it is a fight in the isles to survive. Has God left our cities, has God left our supermarkets? 

Throughout history, we find societies looking for means to worship a divine being so that they can alleviate their troubles. To that extent, societies built temples, synagogues, churches and mosques. Societies believed God lived there and we can please Him/Her through offerings, sacrifices and prayers. Today all worship places are closed. No humans are allowed in there. What happened to the god who lived in those worship places? 

We use the phrase 'lockdown' to represent a situation where people are restricted in their movements. We don't like lockdowns because the authorities are asking us to limit our aspirations, hopes, wishes and even movements. Don't we wish we were born birds or animals? Authorities tell us that this is only for a short period of time. Is there any guarantee?

One good thing about lockdown is we find some time now to search our souls. Yes, that's what happened. All our life, we locked down our souls and went out searching for pleasures and other pursuits. Our souls never found the light of the day, it was always put in the dark. We forgot our soul is the place where God lives not in religious buildings. We kept God in lockdown all these years. Only time will tell what light we will see at the end of the tunnel when the lockdown finishes! 

You might argue, we didn't keep God in lockdown. The question there is, do you support a system which curtails basic human freedom and aspirations? Societies did this for ages. Rules and regulations of religious institutions preventing basic human hopes and aspirations are comparable to putting God in lockdown. For example, churches won't bury a child if born out of wedlock. There goes God under lock and key! Cast and gender inequalities in temples and mosques are another example. There again, God goes under lock and key! These are only few examples. If you search in-depth, you will find every religious organisation has a lock and key to trap God. Humans, where are we?

Yes, we humans are interesting beings. We even put Jesus under lock and key on Thursday night and crucified him on Friday. Life experiences are bizarre at times.  If we humans are capable of going beyond the stars, we are also capable of unlocking ourselves and setting God free. Only then, we will realise our worth. Only then we will realise what all these mysteries are about. We do have the key.