Yes, 2020 is coming to an end. Maybe we are wishing, it ends soon. Definitely, the world expected a better deal from 2020. Sadly, we received a little bit more than what we asked for.!! Does this mean we are losers in most of the games we play with God? Or, is it that God does not want to see us on the victory stand? 

People want to celebrate Christmas in spite of what is happening around the world. Some don't care whether you are in a hospital ICU or breathing with the help of ventilators. They want their Christmas gifts, they want their Christmas lunch and dinner. For those people, 'celebration' is the keyword when it comes to Christmas. Can we blame them? Not really.

After all, what is religion? It is a compilation of myths, codes, rules and regulations. I was asking myself the other day, is God a real taskmaster? These days, I tend to think of God as a 'let go Man'. I don't want to see God as someone walking with a leash. One of the issues of human life is that we control ourselves too much, we let others control us too. The end result, we don't know the real meaning of the word, 'freedom'. 

2020 may be a year that brought on us dark clouds of fear and uncertainty.  We also experienced authorities controlling us to a great extent. Interestingly, fear and control are absolute necessities of society. Absence of those two invite anarchy. We, humans, look for an order, not for chaos. It is not my concern to stipulate the lessons of 2020. It is our duty to examine the whole year and contemplate the lessons learned. Let us hope for the best.

GOOD WISHES.      Karimpinkala.