Once again, we are at the doorstep of Christmas. Is this Christmas, little bit different to other Christmases? Yes, we are trying to celebrate Christmas in the midst of a pandemic. A pandemic that has reached every nook and corner of this earth is trying to thrust shackles to our happiness and freedom. People have started asking, is there an end in sight to this distress?

The other day I was caught up in the midst of a Freedom rally in my city. All were shouting 'Freedom'. They want the freedom to choose between being vaccinated or not. You and I stop for a moment to think, where we are going as a world community. Is this an isolated incident? No. The Christmas story itself is a story of a Freedom fight. 2000 years ago, many in Palestine had enough with the Roman rule and they were looking for a saviour a freedom fighter. They hoped that the saviour would release them from Roman shackles. The Jews wanted a messiah. 

Many considered that the ministry of Jesus would bring in political freedom. Interestingly, Jesus' mission and hope were the dawn of spiritual freedom. It is a sad fact that many in Jesus' time did not fully realise His life goals and purposes. The Romans took Him as one of the rebellious characters who were moving around those days. As we know, the cross was the final result. Does the story really end there? Jesus' resurrection gave us a new meaning to spirituality. 

Are we spiritually free? Spirituality is not part of one religion only. Spirituality is an inner experience given to all living beings. Spirituality is not magic that brings a dove out of a hat! Spirituality does not exist to tell others, I am greater than you. Spirituality is the key to understanding that there is more to this world than we can dream of. It is the ability to understand that there is more within us than we realize. 

Festivals, irrespective of their religious origins, exist to remind us of the mysteries of this universe. Often, we go searching for a Creator or a God. If the idea of a God or Creator does not give us spiritual freedom and happiness, then it is better to get rid of that idea. We forget the fact that God Himself is a freedom fighter. The spirit of Jesus invokes us to stand for freedom. When we take our freedom for granted, we forget that there are many who cry for freedom right at this moment.  That makes the Christmas story an unfinished story. In these troubled times, may our happiness and peace be full, with God's Grace.

With good wishes and seasonal greetings and prayers.